Automating Purchase to Pay (P2P)

Improve your company bottom line significantly!

This is one area where the back office can really ramp up efficiency. Access to accurate purchase order details for automatic comparison as the delivery note and invoice are processed provides significant opportunities to remove effort, time, risk and cost from the process.

  • Create purchase orders for everything
    Accurate documentation significantly lowers your costs for the entire process.

  • Keep track of showstoppers
    Proper metrics highlights supplier document deficiencies as well as production bottlenecks.

Improvements within accounts payable operations, and the efficiency of the entire purchase-to-pay process.
The information contained within the purchase order is key to successful internal transaction-based collaboration between buying organizations’ procurement and finance functions as well as the external collaboration with suppliers' sales and finance functions. Ensuring that the PO is accurate
and timely is fundamental in driving out wasted effort, unnecessary cost and increasing back-office efficiency.

Purchase to Pay Automation


Automating the entire process, from requisition to final invoice posting and archiving, is expertly covered by ReadSoft and numerous competent partners.

Automation areas
The purchase-to-pay processes are basically the same regardless of industry type. Our experiences cover many different fields of industry, as well as public service organizations and governmental bodies, in many countries with very specific legislation, rules and business practices.
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