Handle your documents like the top performers…
without a single piece of paper

Document process automation improves visibility and control while yielding savings in time, labor, and resources for almost any organization using SAP. By automating manual process chains like purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash, you’re positioned to truly maximize the value of your investment in SAP.

Where document process automation will make a difference


Many processes, one solution

At the same time that companies are achieving significant gains in efficiency by implementing SAP solutions, a large number of process steps still takes place in a manual, outdated way outside the ERP system. The bad news is that those companies frequently have a reputation for missing payment due dates, have trouble meeting financial compliance regulations, or spend excessive amounts of resources to perform these processes. But the good news, for those companies, is that there’s a tangible, accessible means for improving control, transparency, efficiency, and costs of these cumbersome processes by streamlining and automating them inside of SAP. 

ReadSoft document processing automation software seamlessly fills in the gaps in automation that are critical to achieving optimal productivity and value from your SAP investment. Here are a few reasons why companies using SAP have chosen to automate their document handling processes with ReadSoft:

  • To implement single-solution workflow automation for multiple processes
  • To reduce manual data entry efforts and keying errors to speed up processes
  • To improve service to suppliers and within an organization
  • To improve productivity throughout the process chain  
  • To ensure payments are on-time or early to take advantage of supplier discounts
  • To reduce process costs throughout the organization  
  • To increase visibility and transparency of entire document processes
  • To comply with legislation that requires electronic audit trails of processes   
Business Process Automation - Control

Business process automation: 
sometimes letting go
gives you more control

Every business runs on information. But it’s the way an organization handles its information that often makes the distinction between top performers and those that lag behind.

Important documents and requests enter an organization every day – from various sources and in various paper and electronic formats. Processing these documents manually involves non-standard procedures that are paper-heavy and resource-draining, usually producing less-than-ideal results in the end like lost or incorrect data.

No matter which pain you suffer from – information errors, late payments, poor visibility of processes and liabilities – business process automation saves. It saves paper, it saves resources, it saves time…and in the long run, it saves money. Most ReadSoft solutions generate a return on investment within the first twelve months of operation or less.

Automating these document handling processes extends the value-adding benefits of your SAP solution from start to finish.

End-to-end document process automation in SAP

End-to-End Document Process Automation in SAP - Process Director Diagram


Proven results driven by ReadSoft financial process automation

  • Daily invoice handling capacity more than doubled
  • Average processing time of an invoice reduced by up to 80%
  • AP staff significantly reduced  
  • Processing sales orders in 50%+ less time  
  • Improved credit score based on timely payment of invoices

Why choose ReadSoft 
for business process automation?

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And of course, to get the most value out of your investment in SAP

ReadSoft has long been a trusted supplier of business process automation solutions that strengthen efficiency, visibility into processes, tighter controls, and accuracy. In fact, ReadSoft was the first to bring free-form technology for invoice processing to market and first to achieve certifications to ERP systems SAP and Oracle E-Business Suite.

As a trusted SAP Software Partner and the first and only choice of top performers for automated invoice input into SAP today, ReadSoft’s data capture and workflow solutions streamline financial document processes for over 8,000 customers around the world.  

  • SAP-certified add-on solutions that integrate seamlessly with SAP systems for small, medium, and large enterprises  
  • High level of user acceptance with single point of entry through an SAP user interface or a user-friendly web interface
  • Listed in the SAP Store and integrated into SAP support portal
  • Reuses and optimizes your SAP infrastructure, contributing to a low total cost of ownership
  • Flexible and easy to configure according to your processes
  • Expert support and product development provided by ReadSoft’s dedicated lab for SAP solutions   
  • SAP ArchiveLink® certified (complete integration)