Simplifying business through process automation

ReadSoft simplifies business for organizations of all sizes with applications for automating business processes. Its specialties include accounts payable automationaccounts receivable automationsales order processing, and multichannel mailroom automation. ReadSoft’s on-premises and cloud solutions for document process automation enable some of the world’s largest corporations as well as small and medium businesses to compete and thrive in today’s environment by improving customer and supplier satisfaction, increasing operating efficiency, and providing greater visibility into business processes. 

ReadSoft has been a pioneer in P2P invoice automation since the 1990s, when the company first brought free-form technology for invoice processing to market. Today, ReadSoft remains the world’s number one choice for invoice processing automation, with 2,500+ accounts payable solution applications worldwide—more than double the total applications of all major competitors put together. Our applications integrate seamlessly with ERP systems from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, as well as with many other business systems. 
Business Process Automation - 1200 Customers - World Map

ReadSoft delivers industry expertise and support to 12,000 customers in 17 countries on six continents through its local and global partner network. Choosing ReadSoft as a business partner means securing access to innovative technology, personalized service, and expert technical support.